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Evona Software Development

Welcome to
Evona Software Development

Welcome to
Evona Software Development

Welcome to
Evona Software Development

Welcome to
Evona Software Development

About US

The essence of our company is best represented by the opinion of one of our employees:

"Evona is a company which has built its reputation and success on the knowledge and skills of its employees. Rest assured that everyone in their own way can and must contribute to the final product, which in various ways and in various forms we distribute to the market. We constantly find ourselves at new beginnings in the development of software for a new client, the development of new games, the implementation of certain necessary changes, but these new beginnings are each time causing a synergy of knowledge, skills, collegiality and always finding new, better and higher quality responses to each project to its completion. I can tell you, there is rarely a feeling which can fullfill a young and perspective employee's mind, than seeing the results of his own work, and his contribution to the collective. We at Evona are a lot more than the collective of teams working separately on our tasks, we are here for each other. We learn from each other. We help each other. We work for each other. In that way, we create the environment in which we develop our products recognized across 5 continents. And believe me, we have much more to say. So, join us. Learn from us. Let's create together. Let's create more. Let's start trends today, that others will follow tomorrow. Evona awaits you. Be brave!"


We want to continue to develop as a global service provider and supplier of products to our clients in the gaming industry. This will be achieved through the synergy of our tradition and experience on the one hand, and organized planning and research of new market needs on the other hand, all this while quality being the only imperative. Achieving this level of quality involves all our employees with their knowledge and skills. This will provide our current and potential clients with an even better opportunity to grow and develop their business.

Our MIssion

We build complete business solutions based on top-quality services and high-quality products that we develop ourselves. Innovative, attractive and modern solutions, which are stable, of high-quality and reliable, guarantee our customers safety and give them the opportunity to realize their full potential. At the same time, our employees have a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional growth, developing software in a satisfying environment, using modern technologies. In an environment of cooperation and trust, we lead a successful company, based on the work and knowledge as the core values for satisfaction of customers, employees and workers.

Our Values

  • EXPERTISEBy constantly acquiring new knowledge and the development of world-class experts, Evona builds complete business solutions based on leading information technologies.

  • WORKHard work is the only real guarantee of success, which in the long run creates additional value for customers, employees and owners. Every business in Evona should be conducted according to the highest quality standards and in accordance with best practices.

  • TEAM SPIRITBy unifying individual qualities we achieve results several times better than what we could achieve as a group of individuals. Evona's team spirit enables each employee achievement of their highest personal and professional potential.

  • OPEN AND FRIENDLY COMMUNICATIONIn Evona, we are building a stimulating work environment, based on mutual respect and appreciation. In this manner, with the satisfaction of customers, employees and owners, in an environment of trust and cooperation, we create a successful company.
  • RELIABILITYAt Evona, we fulfill our commitments to the client, as well as to each other within the company. We continuously improve quality standards, and by taking a personal approach to the job, we create reliable solutions for our customers.

  • RESPONSIBILITYWe approach performing our daily duties and obligations conscientiously and properly. Taking a proactive and responsible approach to each individual job, we are trying to improve our results and work environment.

  • CUSTOMER CAREAll activities in Evona are focused on our main goal, customer satisfaction. The relationship with the customer, understanding and meeting their needs is a priority for every employee.

  • WINNING SPIRITWe want to be the best at what we do. We accept challenges with a positive attitude, as an opportunity to learn something new and to introduce changes for the better.

Our team

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We respect our employees and appreciate their contribution. We believe in teamwork, because only as a team we can provide exceptional service to our customers. The acquisition of new skills is a personal responsibility and obligation of each of us, and creativity, openness to new views, suggestions and experiences, as well as the ability to produce new ideas, is especially appreciated and valorized.

We are currently hiring:

"No open positions at the moment, check back later"


Some of the software solutions we developed

Our products are in accordance with the strictest requirements of clients and players, and are regularly displayed at various gaming expos all over the world. Our wide range of software solutions will meet all the client's needs.

What's new at evona


ICE Totally Gaming is one of the largest and most important shows for the gaming industry and Evona Electronic will once again be exhibiting here.

This is the only B2B gaming event that truly brings together the international online and offline gaming sector.

This year, the Ice Totally Gaming will take place over 3 days, from Tuesday, February 6th to Thursday, February 8th at ExCel London, UK.

Visitors have the unique possibility to connect with industry experts, to collect the latest information on developments and trends in the iGaming industry.

During a very successful 2017, we made amazing progress and developed various solutions for our customers, and we are proud to show everything that we diligently worked on, at such an important place like London's ICE.

Don´t miss a chance to come and meet Evona at our STAND S1-322!

Check our entire portfolio and experience: Roulettes, Betting Terminals, Game:net, Live Channels, Sportsbook, Lottery games, Virtual games, and more.

As before, we are looking forward to making this event unforgettable for our visitors!

Feel free to visit and enjoy the show with Evona Electronic!

If you would like to book a meeting, please contact us today: sales@evona.sk


Children´s home “Egipatsko selo” is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's oldest institutions that provides social and foster care for children without parental care.

Evona´s employees have visited the children from Egipatsko selo on Wednesday, August 30 2017, and provided a donation consisting of clothes, footwear, food and hygiene supplies. We sensed the need to help those less fortunate and by coming to Egipatsko selo, we are sure we came to the right place.

The main goal of this modest and humane gesture was to try and develop a friendship with the children and improve the quality of their lives.

We believe that every child deserves the best, and we wanted to show to the children without parental care that somebody does care for them. Social responsibility is a way of life and our company's work direction so the biggest prize for us is knowing we've made the little ones happy.


We are proud to announce that last week in Evona Electronics has been marked by solidarity and social responsibility to our fellow citizens. On Tuesday, March 7th, we donated equipment to the Faculty of Information Technology that will enable their further development in the area of automation and robotics.

Donation was made by Nisim Mršić, team leader of software development at our Evona Electronics office in Mostar, and was received by Emina Junuz, associate professor in the field of software engineering, on behalf of the Faculty of Information Technology. Donation contains 15 Raspberry PI units, and extra laboratory equipment.

It is important to mention that twenty out of twenty-five employees in our development sector are former or current students of Faculty of Information Technology. This gesture is only a small token of our gratitude for knowledge their students have provided to Evona Electronics, and another positive example of cooperation between the labour market and education institutions.

We will continue to invest in young people, provide opportunities for development and build a stronger perspective for a positive future. In Evona, we believe expertise and willingness to work will always help on the path to success.

We included a short video of the donation to Faculty of Information Technology, which was provided by our company, in order to improve the process of education. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.


On Wednesday, March the 15th, 2017. Evona Electronic had the honor of hosting the third year students from the Faculty of Information Technology in Mostar. Our team received the guests and sent them some welcoming words. The employees introduced students to the operations at Evona, showing them technologies and processes of software development and some useful information about the level of knowledge required of them in employment. The visit was held in a pleasant atmosphere and socializing between Evona Development Team and the students of the Faculty of Information Technology. Dear students, thank you for visiting and we look forward to the joint meetings and projects in the future! Evona team wishes you a successful graduation!


Office space quality is definitely one of the key factors in acheiving optimal collective productivity in each company.

We are proud to say that our work space has become insufficiently large for our team and our ideas for the third time in the last few years. At the beginning of the year, Evona Dev moved to a new location. The quality of our work and success of our company on the market are guaranteeing further development, so we will keep going forward, full of enthusiasm and positive energy!


After another working week we successfully brought to an end, the time arrived again for some shared relaxation. This time we opted for bowling.

Great opportunity for those with highlighted competitive spirit to show that they never truly relax, as well as a great opportunity for the less skilled to have a good laugh and fun.


We have marked International Women's day in a festive way at Evona Electronics. Although women at Evona are respected and appreciated every day of the year, today is a very special day for us to show our recognition for the ladies. Evona gave flowers and memorable gifts to our female employees, and their male colleagues congratulated them.

Dear ladies, thank you for being valuable members of the Evona Developers team!

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